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Pricing structure

Based on experience, the understanding is that shopping around for the right web designer may be daunting. For this reason, I offer a transparent pricing structure.

I do websites starting at $1,000 ECD.

I’ve also made it frictionless to receive a quotation. Since all websites are not created equal, this would affect the final pricing for your website. Here are a few things to consider when trying to get a quotation.

Establish Foundation

I believe a website is more of a digital storefront than just a website which looks pretty. First, consider the purpose of your website. Do you want to introduce yourself and / or business, the services and give a little about yourself to be hired or contacted directly? Do you wish for your website to reach more customers and convert them into buyers? Do you wish to have your website generate sales while you focus on the intricate details which please your customers? Start with the end function in mind. This will guide you on what you need from your digital storefront.

Common terms

Here are some common terms you will hear when discussing websites.

  • Portfolio website

This typically refers to a small website, typically around 4 pages which would be the home page, services or portfolio page, about page and contact page. These are great for persons who wish to show off a particular skill or give information on what their business offer. This could be static for businesses or persons with a static product or skill. Alternatively, it could be dynamic, for adding projects or listings for real estate, adding new products etc.

  • E-commerce website

This is a website whereby customers can browse physical or digital products that your business sells, with an easy way to pick an item, add it to cart, and checkout with desired payment methods. This is best suitable if you want to sell products and or services and receive payment via your website as well.

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