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Quick Share: For artists, mixing / mastering engineers and other…

Hey readers.
Someone from one of the music groups I’ve joined on Facebook shared this link: .

Its a job listing for anyone music. I’ve also noticed some others as well. I cannot guarantee a success story as it’s in BETA, but when the community grows we’ll be able to make better judgement.

I’ve tried joining one similar (soundbetter) a few months ago but my experience was not positive. I’m looking forward to seeing where this one leads.


If you know of any similar, well established sites, feel free to share them in the comments below.

Press Play: ‘Funny’ Story

Hey readers!

If you can listen to music with lyrics while reading, why not give it a shot!

I went looking for remix competitions online, as part of my ongoing Pomodoro exercise (which I will report on in a few days). An interesting one in the pop genre caught my attention. The vocals and one guitar part was provided.

 Let’s roll.

I started composing my version, first with the piano, trying to find a catchy riff and progression to fit the guitar and the mood of the vocals. I was quite satisfied with what I came up with, and deliberately left some very minor timing imperfections for a more human feel.

 Drum roll please!

Then I decided to add some drums, this time in a very different way than I normally would, i.e. keying in throughout the entire song with very little “fly overs” (copy and paste). It was lacking a bit so in order to add some contrast between verse and chorus, I added some strings and an arpegiated (sp?) synth.

 Mwap mwap mwap

During my mixing session, I decided to take a break and listen to other entries submitted so far. Some were more catchy than others. I then proceed to listen to the original track and to my disappointment, it sounded very similar to what I had composed.

 Silver lining.

I contemplated not submitting it anymore but I will, at least for the exposure. Not knowing this story, someone may be misled into thinking I tried to remake the original. Hope you guys enjoy the track though, some feedback would be great!