Music & My Troubled History

Hello readers! I realize for my first entry this one is long winded, but I hope if you read to the end, you’ll get a clearer picture.


I’m kicking off this blog today, as title hints, with my history of music. When I was a young child, I was not a big fan of music. Like many children growing up in the 90s, of course there were songs to enjoy, such as the TMNT, thundercats and power rangers theme songs, just to name a few.

TV shows aside, there are very few songs I can point out from my childhood that I remember. One which sticks out is “Kiss by a rose” performed by Seal. Well to be honest, one of the main reasons I got to like this song is because it was featured in a batman film back then. I guess I can’t exactly escape the tv shows huh.

 Moving On…

Not to jump on the band wagon here but I used to love Michel Jackson. Not that it has come to an end. I always wished I had long hair like him. I even wanted to change my middle name to Jacksonn, but yes with 2ns, that would be my variation. The second reason for wanting that name is that I didn’t like my Middle name “McCartney”, even though my parents gave me that name after Paul McCartney, an artist I never took interest in researching. I loved the few songs of Michael that I was exposed to, with my favorite being “What about us”. I loved the song and even more so, the music video. My parents did not have cable TV at the time, so keeping up with his music proved difficult.

 Let’s Get You Started.

I was enrolled in music school at a young age to learn the piano. Being naive at that age, all I wanted to do was run around outside and play with my toys. I don’t remember enjoying playing the piano much, but then again I’ve always had this constant battle with my memory. I eventually dropped out of music class and departed from music!

Not until my mid teen years, when I was told about this program to make music called fruity loops, did I ever have anything to do with music. I went ahead and got a copy from a friend and started making noise with it. I didn’t know how to use the program, nor did I have any assistance with it. Eventually I gave up. I went through many years of starting and quitting before I began finding tutorials on how to use it.


Eventually I figured it out, made some music (finally) and realized how much I missed out on by not staying in music school. None the less, in 2010 I made by purchase of Fruity Loops (name had changed to FL Studio), and thus sprung forth my unintended journey.

In 2011 I made my first instrumental compilation album dubbed “Unspoken Identity” which featured 19 tracks and 2 bonus tracks constructed around acapellas. Around the same time of its launch, I purchased my first domain and built, designed and hosted my very own website, which acted as a hub for all my music content across different platforms.

 Murphy’s Law.

In 2013 I left my parents house and moved in on my own. At that exact point my website expired, and with the lack of sufficient finance to renew, all motivation I had came to a sudden halt. I just felt lost as I had been derailed from my path to where I was heading, regardless it being unintentional.

Eventually, to kick start my motivation, I participated in an online course in mixing, a topic I enjoyed based on previous readings and lectures. I took it a step further by taking a course in Induction to Music Production, Songwriting and Developing Your Musicianship (basic introduction to music theory and piano practical), for which I’ve received certificates. With the newly applied knowledge, I witnessed an exponential leap in the quality of my music.

honeypea digital

Now I’ve decided to share my skills and/or knowledge with anyone who is interested, and grow more with each step I take, no matter how small.


Do you blog? If you have a story of yours to share, why not leave it in the comments area!