In with the Categories…and what not.

Hello readers!

I’ve been thinking about categorizing my posts for a while, because I never had a clear idea on how exactly I should sort them out.

I’ve decided to make my categories some kind of series, which should be motivational to keep writing, since there will be a clearer path on where things are heading. Some of you may prefer a particular series over another and decide to follow that instead…works out both ways.

I’ve come up with the following:

Let me explain

This series aims to share knowledge on certain topics, whether it is mixing or production.

Behind the scenes

This will be the place to find everything behind the scenes of mixing, production and whatever else.

Press play.

Here you’ll find finished (or pre final) mixes and instrumentals.

Quick share

This is where I will take a pause to share something I think is interesting or worth checking out. These will typically be very short, sweet and to the point.


Depending on the audience I attract, I won’t mind getting into product reviews, whether it be hardware or software.

…and what not

This is where I share other stuff, like opinions, point of view, general tips, advice etc…or if I decide to bleed my emotions into an article. Who knows! To be quite honest, this was ‘inspired’ by Rachel ‘N Stuff, with the creative use of ” ‘n stuff” after each title. Unlike hers, mine may not necessarily appear in every title.

The categories are guides and one may overlap another etc, but my tags may be a bit more exotic…so to speak.

Until next time!


In what creative way have you used your categories? It would be great to discover other creative ways people are using theirs.