Take your recordings to a new level.

You have finally finished laboring on composing, writing and recording that new song or songs for your EP or album, and it sound good! Take it a step further and give it the second pair of ears it deserves. Give your song the experience of a professional mix, being well balanced, giving it presence and depth like the commercial releases out there.

I’m currently working on expanding my samples library, but you can have a listen to some of my older mixes in the meantime. If you like what you hear, and I fit your budget, I look forward to this great experience working with you.


Every song is unique and deserves its own attention to detail when it comes to the mix. Each song will be approached on a clean slate, so to speak, and enhanced tastefully to what it requires.

The Process

  • I always start by listening to the song artistically, to get a feel of the vibe the song delivers.
  • I then proceed to gain staging, ensuring a decent balance in the level of the sounds.
  • Compression and equalization is then applied, to tighten up the mix, and create greater energy.
  • Tasteful amounts of delays, reverb and other effects is applied to enhance the song musically.
  • Included is a mastering stage, to apply the final finishing touches for commercial ready releases. (This step is optional.)

Please Note

There will be no comping done to your mixing. This includes aligning, pitch corrections, drum edits etc. This is purely a mixing session.


Introductory mixing package – Negotiable.

Request for service and / or information here.

Producer / Beat Maker

(Coming soon…)

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