JasonM (dvsjay)

Alias: dvsjay
Location: Saint Lucia, West Indies,
Contact: email, twitter, youtube, facebook.

JasonM (dvsjay)

Brief Bio: I graduated from community college December 2007 and wanted to explore my digital creative side, so here we are.

I actually started building websites with my cousin a long time ago, typing in all the codes and stuff. It was pretty difficult for me so I gave up after a while. From then I have been searching for a way in which I could do so. I was then introduced to Microsoft Front page, and I was still a bit lost. After which I started working for this real estate company where I was appointed to help maintain the website. Since I had a small introduction to website building I caught on fairly quickly. We used Dreamweaver which is what I used to build my previous website. This time around I’m using WordPress for many beneficial reasons.

About the beats, it was just random out of nowhere many years back. A friend told me about this program he used to make beats. I was fascinated of course so I began my search. Played around with this extremely difficult program that I had no clue how to use. Spent a lot of time in it none the less. I looked at the samples to see how it worked and I got even more lost eventually just giving up. [Yea I’m a quitter.] I still wanted to learn how to do it so I got back on. After many wasted years of quitting and getting back on, I finally figured out how it worked, well the basics. After which I was introduced to tutorials where my knowledge expanded.

Further studies and certification has taken me in the direction of a mix engineer. I’ve currently worked in studio (locally) with 6 artists, and looking to spread my reach to independent artists around the globe.

Coupled with my music experience, I excel at customer service and customer satisfaction. I believe that doing a good job with poor customer service or vice versa, will not always prove favorable, but a balance of both will.

Feel free to contact me using my contact form or sending me an email JasonM@honeypeadigital.com .

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