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The Mission

Welcome to Honeypea Digital, the hub for everything creative. The aim is to demystify the link between your physical and digital business presence. A strong digital presence is not only a modern movement, it also opens you to a wider and newer market which may be keeping up with technological developments. Honeypea Digital can help you there. Let’s get you digital!

Photography Hub

View the work of the experienced photographer who can assist with capturing moments which matter most to you! This could be events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, you name it! If it matters to you, let’s capture it.
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Web Design Hub

Let’s take your idea and accurately represent it online for your target market to reach. Whether you are putting together a small portfolio or web shop, browse the portfolio of for past and recent work.
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Music Hub

Your next great EP or album is almost complete! A milestone for any musician. Get your tracks mixed and mastered to industry and streaming standards, while retaining it’s original spice which keep it alive.
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About the team

Jason Simon

Web Designer / Photographer



Rahanah Popo

Administrative Assistant


Why work with honeypea?

As a consumer of digital content, understanding the challenges people face when considering working on their digital footprint is at the forefront. Also your potential clients face some difficulty by not being able to find you easily while they’re connected to the web. Understanding this dilemma combined with the skills and experience in the various fields are the assets for bridging that gap and unlocking untapped potential.